A fully fledged loyalty program that uses Facebook Messenger on mobile as a point-of-sale terminal connecting your customers directly to your Facebook page exposing them to all your offerings and specials growing your revenue exponentially...


Your customers can now carry your loyalty program as well as hundreds of other loyalty programs within Messenger on their mobiles without the inconvenience of carrying only their most used cards in their wallets.


The customer loyalty program runs on your website chatbot plug-in and your Facebook page putting every customer in direct contact with your business for fast customer service.

No hardware required

Your sales assistants use Messenger on their mobiles as a point-of-sale terminal with the mobile camera that scans the customer rewards token QR-code generated on the customer's mobile Messenger.

No customer sign-up

Your customers signs up instantly to your loyalty rewards program the very first time they earn rewards.


Since your loyalty program is an extension of your website chatbot or your business Facebook page all your customers are instantly aware of any specials and promotions you post on your Facebook page.

Increase revenue

You can use all the Facebook marketing tools available to engage your customers, generate new customers and make them spend more at your establishment.

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